Fun Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday


Turning 21? So, finally, the awesome day of your life has come when you are officially entering into your adulthood. No more law restrictions. Now you can truly adventure the other side of the life you have been waiting for all these years. But this is the most special day of your life and you must celebrate it uniquely. Let the world know you have turned 21.

Check out these amazing and fun ways to celebrate your 21st birthday.

Now when your ID says 21, go flaunt it triumphantly! Especially under the noses of every bouncer you see. Visit several bars one by one. When you are tired of one bar go to another. Keep screaming it’s your 21st birthday. Your top notch excitement may even get you some free drinks.

Theme Party:
Theme parties are always fun. You can pick up a theme according to your predilection. Transform your place according to your theme or you can also book some nice place. From horror to your favorite cartoon characters, there are numerous options to choose.

Birthday Dinner:
A grand and delicious dinner with some of your most loved friends and family members is a nice idea. This is your special day and they are your special ones. The combination of all the special things will really rock your birthday with fun and warm wishes.

Hotel Party:
This idea is for you if you don’t want to spend your entire day planning and arranging the party stuff. You can pick a lavish hotel, your close friends, and some party games. Spend a night in the luxury of a hotel playing and even trying some legally bought liquor. Oh-so-legal burn!

Take 21 Exceptional Photos:
From 12:01, when you are fresh 21 to the next day until your birthday ends, capture some funny and one-of-their-kinds photographs of yourself. Pick the best, the funniest and the weirdest 21 photographs of you and get them developed. Put these 21 unforgettable moments on your wall!

A Trip to Beach/Mountains:
Going to the beach or to the mountains for camping can be an unusual and fun idea to celebrate your birthday. This will also include an outstanding road trip to your destination. You can either spend your day doing some fun around the beach or a night by the bonfire.

House Party:
Food! Liquor! And a DJ! This is all you need to throw a remarkable house party. Now when you are legal to consume liquor, serve all the drinks you have thought of trying ever. Call up a bunch of your friends for unlimited fun and dance to all your favorite tunes. But don’t forget to offer them a night stay as they might not be able to drive back home.

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Top Tips to Manage Your Next Work Function


A well-planned work event will leave everyone feeling happier, more cohesive and more motivated. As the one responsible for making the day a success, you need to have the right knowledge and skills. Here are a few handy tips on how to handle everything from planning to catering and invitations.

1. Work within a budget

Right from the onset, establish a budget that you will work within. This ensures that all ideas and plans for the work function are grounded in financial reality. It would be a big waste of time to make grand plans only to have to scrap them later because they are too expensive.

Even before you decide what kind of event you want to hold or who to invite, get to know the budget you will be working with. It will guide you in planning all other aspects of the function such as venue, food and entertainment.

2. Have a comprehensive plan well ahead of time

Approach the event like it is a project. Create a comprehensive project plan ahead of time, outlining the objectives of the event, the venue, attendees, program line-up and so on. Do not come up with this plan on your own; get the input of everyone involved in the event from the top management to fellow colleagues.

With this plan in place, you can then execute each stage of the event from the preparation to the actual event and after. Most importantly, everyone involved will be on the same page about what is expected and the role they have to play. There is nothing worse than when different people come up with their own mini-plans that clash with others.

3. Be extra careful about the catering

Catering details will matter a lot at the venue on the day of the event. If you are holding it in a hotel, they most likely provide their own catering services. But if they don’t, or if your venue is elsewhere, make sure you make catering plans early enough.

Start by looking for companies that provide event catering in Auckland. Some even specialise in commercial or corporate catering for the Auckland region. Specify what type of foods and drinks you want and the amount. Through the preparation stage and the event itself, stay in constant communication with the caterers to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

4. Choose the right venue

Another thing to arrange early is the venue. Give yourself at least two months to start looking for the perfect venue. The right place to hold the function will depend on the type of event (Christmas party, motivational outing, executive meeting or investor conference) and the number of attendees. Compare amongst several places whilst not forgetting to check things like parking and noise from nearby traffic.

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How to Plan the Perfect Work Function


When planning a work event, it is important to make sure that everything goes according to plan from the start. From the catering to the venue itself, a lot of pre-planning is required. Whether you are planning an investor conference, a team-building weekend or a product launch, here are some essential tips for creating the perfect work function.

1. Know your audience

The first thing to understand is what kind of event you are planning. Is it a simple employee getaway or a more formal investor conference? This is important in understanding what your audience will be and thus how you are going to plan the event with them in mind.

For example if it is a training seminar, you will need to provide things like pens and notebooks to attendees. If it is a high-level executive meeting, then the level of service provided needs to be a notch higher than normal.

2. Plan your budget

What kind of budget do you have to work with? This is very important because it determines how big and detailed an event you can plan. You need to know whether you are working within budget limits defined by the company or whether you are free to set the appropriate budget.

When budgeting, remember to include a contingency fund. No matter how well you plan, one or two unexpected things might crop up and you want to be ready for them.

3. Get the right venue

These days, getting a venue for corporate functions is easy. Everyone from hotels to museums are offering spaces for a variety of business events. The key things when choosing a venue are size, location and budget.

First, how many attendees do you expect? You can hire a conference room for a handful of executives or a large ballroom for a company-wide meeting. Secondly, where is everyone coming from? Try to find a location that is easy to reach, has few distractions and where there is adequate parking. Lastly, what kind of venue does your budget allow? A simple community hall or a grand conference centre?

4. Get the scheduling right

The success of most corporate events depends on a rigorous schedule that is strictly adhered to. Have the schedule for your event ready ahead of time. This means knowing whom the speakers are going to be, what amount of time each of them has to speak and in what order they are going to speak.

You also need to include time for other activities such as breaks. Make sure to confirm the schedule with the company a day or two before the event is held. Like with budgeting, it is important to include time for any contingency. People may arrive late or a session may take longer than expected.

Corporate Catering

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Finding the Perfect Party Venue in Auckland


Did you know that over 40,000 New Zealand residents got married in 2014? Or that there were 51 civil unions? Whether you are getting married, celebrating a special event or reaching an important milestone in your life, choosing the right venue in Auckland is imperative. Before you book a venue, there are a few things you need to know about finding the perfect location. Here are four of the best tips to help you with your search for the perfect party venue in Auckland.

1. Plan ahead

The best party venues can be booked weeks – and sometimes months in advance – so it’s always best to plan ahead. When you’ve decided on a date for your event, shop around and find venues in your local area that will impress your guests and give them a day they will remember for a long time. There are a number of venues you can choose from depending on the nature of your event.

It’s always a good idea to have a rough idea about how many guests are attending your function so you choose the right-sized venue. Once you have found a couple of venues that you are interested in, contact them directly for a full quote and find out if there are any hidden charges or extra costs.

2. Stick to your budget

Come up with a budget for your event and try to stick to it as closely as you can. Remember – the more you spend on a venue, the less you will have in your budget for food and entertainment. If you are more flexible with your dates, then you might get a venue at a cheaper price during the week or in the day time. If a venue already has seating available that you can use this will also save you money.

3. Keep your guests happy

Enlisting the services of a live band or entertainer can make your event something to remember. Yet one thing that people always remember at any event is the food. If you use a catering company that provides high-quality food, you will save a lot of time and hassle, which may directly result in money saved. Instead of taking responsibility for preparing food and then transporting it to the venue yourself, event catering in Auckland will be able to prepare hot and cold food for the big day.

4. Location, location, location

The location of your event is really important, especially if you are expecting guests to come from outside Auckland. Choosing a venue close to public transport routes can increase attendance, as can choosing somewhere close to the airport if guests are arriving from overseas. Advertise your event well in advance, and put directions and a map on your invitations to tell people about where your function is being held.

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How to Organise the Best Christmas Party in Auckland

pexels-photo (21).jpg

If it’s your job to make sure your office Christmas party is the best yet then you might need some extra tips and tricks to make your party memorable. Get some inspiration from our article below and let us help you to plan the best Christmas party in the whole of Auckland!

1. Book your venue early

This tip is especially true if you need a large venue or if you want to try to book one of the more popular venues around Auckland. There is limited space and Christmas time is the busiest time for many event venues. Book early or risk getting a sub-par venue!

2. Book the right entertainment

To get the best entertainment for your party you need to decide what is most appropriate for your group. Are you a small group of employees or a large company? Popular entertainment suggestions can include a corporate-friendly comedian, a circus act performance group, or an interesting live music group.

3. Think about the little things

Paying attention to the little things can make any party better. Some suggestions might include preparing tasteful and classy gift bags for attendees, decorating the room in a specified colour scheme or theme and sprucing up the bathrooms with decorative flowers.

4. Plan a unique theme

Nearly everyone has been to a themed party with popular themes like the 80s, traditional Christmas, or white Christmas. While these can be very nice or elegant, if you want to host the best Christmas party you could try to create your own theme based around your business or the hobbies of people in your organisation. Consider something fun and unique like an island Christmas, a Reindeer barn, or an underwater theme to bring out a sense of fun and excitement with guests.

5. Make a diverse food and drink menu

Remember that you’re serving a large number of people that may have different tastes and dietary requirements. You also want the food to match the theme and to be something new from what people normally eat. This adds a taste of adventure and fun to the party. Your selection of drinks is also important. It’s good to offer a few well known and popular drinks, but also a few “house” drinks or special mixes that offer a bit of fun variety.

An easy way to deal with the food and drink selection is to work with an Auckland party catering company. Caterers can help you to create a fun and attractive food and drink menu that will fit into your theme. They will also take care of all the arrangements for you so that you don’t have to worry about cooking beforehand or cleaning the dishes after the party.

Christmas parties can be the best event of the year if you just take a little bit of extra time to plan them out properly. Take these tips and apply them to make your Christmas party the most memorable office event of the year! Remember to take advantage of corporate catering services in Auckland so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the idea of feeding all your guests.

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The Best Tips For Work Function Planning In Auckland


Planning a work or corporate function in Auckland can be extremely demanding and challenging. This is because corporate events tend to be bigger, requiring more resources to be managed and much more preparation than other types of events. Fortunately, by following only a few tips, work function planning can be managed effectively and in a timely manner.

The Best Tips For Work Function Planning In Auckland NZ

1. Set an appropriate budget

A corporate event or any other work function often doesn’t come cheap so it’s important that you know your budget. Don’t forget to allocate a specific portion of your budget towards an emergency fund to cater for miscellaneous items and other additional costs that might crop up. Planning for unforeseen circumstances will ensure that you’re not caught out.

2. Plan ahead

Set the date and venue for the event. If you want the function to be held at a particular venue, make sure you book the space well in advance.

3. Know your guests

Understanding exactly who your guests are when you plan your work function is very important. Is it meant for employees or clients? What is the ratio of males to females? What do your guests expect from it? Every work function in Auckland is different, so plan accordingly and consider the needs of your guests.

4. Invitations

Once you know your guests, you need to get a head count to determine the number of invitations as well as how those invitations will be sent out and tracked. Function invites should be sent at least four weeks prior to the event. Remember to follow up with a phone call a few days before the function in order to double confirm attendance, since people are busy.

5. Catering

Catering is the biggest and probably the most important aspect of planning a work-related or corporate event. Food and beverages – and how these two are managed – will play a big part in determining the overall success of your event.

When selecting food and beverage options, make sure they are appropriate for your work-related event and consider any special dietary requirements that your guests may have.

Another tip for planning your next work function is to get your food and beverage vendors set up ahead of time. It can be preferable and advantageous to work with one of the local, affordable Auckland caterers, as they may help you save money while still providing quality catering services that will ensure that your colleagues have a positive experience and leave happy.

Local Auckland event catering companies also have a tendency to be reputable and reliable: check for recent reviews and testimonials online. Additionally, make sure that any Auckland event catering firm you hire has staff available to serve the crowd at the party, and give guests plenty of variety of great-tasting foods and drinks to choose from.

Grill and buffet style foods are best for outdoor events, while the more formal sit-down dinners are the preference for indoor and holiday events. Finger food catering in Auckland is becoming more and more popular, due mainly to the great price and enhanced flexibility with menu choices compared to other event catering options. It is particularly ideal when planning an event that involves a large group of people, as it is often a good way to provide for and satisfy all your guests. What’s more, finger foods are easy to eat, look fantastic and generally create a fancier yet relaxing atmosphere, where your guests can mingle, interact and enjoy their evening.

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How to Make Your Work Christmas Function a Success


If you live in Auckland and you are looking for affordable catering options for an event or special occasion, then you are in luck. At Let’s Eat Catering, you will find just the thing to make your special menu come alive. If you want to make your Christmas function a success, try Let’s Eat Catering services.

Let’s Eat Catering are experienced in transforming events into special occasions for their clients from across Auckland. Their experience spans over 40 years and they have managed to build a reputation for themselves in the catering industry. With the Christmas holidays just a few months away, Auckland businesses have started making plans for their celebrations. If you are planning a work function for your employees or colleagues, the catering experts at Let’s Eat Catering will help you make it a success.

Finding a Venue

Let’s Eat comes to the rescue of events planners in many ways. One of them is to help them choose a scenic venue to host the function. The company has several venues which they work with to deliver the best experience for you and your guests. Some of their venues include the Island Escape Cruises which enables you to plan beautiful and breath-taking cruises while taking in the ambiance of a luxury yacht. The Highwic House, Hopetoun Alpha, Villa Maria Estate and the ASB Stadium are just some of the Auckland locations which Let’s Eat can help organise as your function venue.

Choosing the Type of Function

Apart from helping you select the venue for your work function this coming Christmas, Let’s Eat will also see to it that you have a menu with varied choices to pick from. Their menus for their Christmas catering in Auckland are not limited only to food but also contain a selection of beverages. Their experience in the catering industry makes it possible for them to work with various dishes to cater to the needs of persons with unique food preferences.

Since your work function will most probably be a corporate event, you may have to host it at a corporate venue that has conference room facilities. Depending on the duration of the function, you may have to consider several meals throughout the day. The event catering experts will help you design menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may even choose to host a cocktail party in the evening to let your employees or colleagues interact and relax.

The Extra Mile

For a successful function, it helps to think outside the box: Why not consider adding a team-building exercise or fun activity for the day?

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