How to Make Your Work Christmas Function a Success


If you live in Auckland and you are looking for affordable catering options for an event or special occasion, then you are in luck. At Let’s Eat Catering, you will find just the thing to make your special menu come alive. If you want to make your Christmas function a success, try Let’s Eat Catering services.

Let’s Eat Catering are experienced in transforming events into special occasions for their clients from across Auckland. Their experience spans over 40 years and they have managed to build a reputation for themselves in the catering industry. With the Christmas holidays just a few months away, Auckland businesses have started making plans for their celebrations. If you are planning a work function for your employees or colleagues, the catering experts at Let’s Eat Catering will help you make it a success.

Finding a Venue

Let’s Eat comes to the rescue of events planners in many ways. One of them is to help them choose a scenic venue to host the function. The company has several venues which they work with to deliver the best experience for you and your guests. Some of their venues include the Island Escape Cruises which enables you to plan beautiful and breath-taking cruises while taking in the ambiance of a luxury yacht. The Highwic House, Hopetoun Alpha, Villa Maria Estate and the ASB Stadium are just some of the Auckland locations which Let’s Eat can help organise as your function venue.

Choosing the Type of Function

Apart from helping you select the venue for your work function this coming Christmas, Let’s Eat will also see to it that you have a menu with varied choices to pick from. Their menus for their Christmas catering in Auckland are not limited only to food but also contain a selection of beverages. Their experience in the catering industry makes it possible for them to work with various dishes to cater to the needs of persons with unique food preferences.

Since your work function will most probably be a corporate event, you may have to host it at a corporate venue that has conference room facilities. Depending on the duration of the function, you may have to consider several meals throughout the day. The event catering experts will help you design menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may even choose to host a cocktail party in the evening to let your employees or colleagues interact and relax.

The Extra Mile

For a successful function, it helps to think outside the box: Why not consider adding a team-building exercise or fun activity for the day?

Whether you want to host a work function in your office premises or beyond familiar surroundings, it helps to find professional caterers to take care of the food. At Let’s Eat Catering Company, the experts will make this happen and lessen the burden on your side. To take advantage of their services, simply visit their site at


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