How to Organise the Best Christmas Party in Auckland

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If it’s your job to make sure your office Christmas party is the best yet then you might need some extra tips and tricks to make your party memorable. Get some inspiration from our article below and let us help you to plan the best Christmas party in the whole of Auckland!

1. Book your venue early

This tip is especially true if you need a large venue or if you want to try to book one of the more popular venues around Auckland. There is limited space and Christmas time is the busiest time for many event venues. Book early or risk getting a sub-par venue!

2. Book the right entertainment

To get the best entertainment for your party you need to decide what is most appropriate for your group. Are you a small group of employees or a large company? Popular entertainment suggestions can include a corporate-friendly comedian, a circus act performance group, or an interesting live music group.

3. Think about the little things

Paying attention to the little things can make any party better. Some suggestions might include preparing tasteful and classy gift bags for attendees, decorating the room in a specified colour scheme or theme and sprucing up the bathrooms with decorative flowers.

4. Plan a unique theme

Nearly everyone has been to a themed party with popular themes like the 80s, traditional Christmas, or white Christmas. While these can be very nice or elegant, if you want to host the best Christmas party you could try to create your own theme based around your business or the hobbies of people in your organisation. Consider something fun and unique like an island Christmas, a Reindeer barn, or an underwater theme to bring out a sense of fun and excitement with guests.

5. Make a diverse food and drink menu

Remember that you’re serving a large number of people that may have different tastes and dietary requirements. You also want the food to match the theme and to be something new from what people normally eat. This adds a taste of adventure and fun to the party. Your selection of drinks is also important. It’s good to offer a few well known and popular drinks, but also a few “house” drinks or special mixes that offer a bit of fun variety.

An easy way to deal with the food and drink selection is to work with an Auckland party catering company. Caterers can help you to create a fun and attractive food and drink menu that will fit into your theme. They will also take care of all the arrangements for you so that you don’t have to worry about cooking beforehand or cleaning the dishes after the party.

Christmas parties can be the best event of the year if you just take a little bit of extra time to plan them out properly. Take these tips and apply them to make your Christmas party the most memorable office event of the year! Remember to take advantage of corporate catering services in Auckland so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the idea of feeding all your guests.

Just call Let’s Eat Catering for affordable Christmas catering anywhere in Auckland. With Let’s Eat Catering on your side your party will be a standout success with no worries about the food! Visit our website now at to view our sample menus and to make an enquiry.


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