The Best Tips For Work Function Planning In Auckland


Planning a work or corporate function in Auckland can be extremely demanding and challenging. This is because corporate events tend to be bigger, requiring more resources to be managed and much more preparation than other types of events. Fortunately, by following only a few tips, work function planning can be managed effectively and in a timely manner.

The Best Tips For Work Function Planning In Auckland NZ

1. Set an appropriate budget

A corporate event or any other work function often doesn’t come cheap so it’s important that you know your budget. Don’t forget to allocate a specific portion of your budget towards an emergency fund to cater for miscellaneous items and other additional costs that might crop up. Planning for unforeseen circumstances will ensure that you’re not caught out.

2. Plan ahead

Set the date and venue for the event. If you want the function to be held at a particular venue, make sure you book the space well in advance.

3. Know your guests

Understanding exactly who your guests are when you plan your work function is very important. Is it meant for employees or clients? What is the ratio of males to females? What do your guests expect from it? Every work function in Auckland is different, so plan accordingly and consider the needs of your guests.

4. Invitations

Once you know your guests, you need to get a head count to determine the number of invitations as well as how those invitations will be sent out and tracked. Function invites should be sent at least four weeks prior to the event. Remember to follow up with a phone call a few days before the function in order to double confirm attendance, since people are busy.

5. Catering

Catering is the biggest and probably the most important aspect of planning a work-related or corporate event. Food and beverages – and how these two are managed – will play a big part in determining the overall success of your event.

When selecting food and beverage options, make sure they are appropriate for your work-related event and consider any special dietary requirements that your guests may have.

Another tip for planning your next work function is to get your food and beverage vendors set up ahead of time. It can be preferable and advantageous to work with one of the local, affordable Auckland caterers, as they may help you save money while still providing quality catering services that will ensure that your colleagues have a positive experience and leave happy.

Local Auckland event catering companies also have a tendency to be reputable and reliable: check for recent reviews and testimonials online. Additionally, make sure that any Auckland event catering firm you hire has staff available to serve the crowd at the party, and give guests plenty of variety of great-tasting foods and drinks to choose from.

Grill and buffet style foods are best for outdoor events, while the more formal sit-down dinners are the preference for indoor and holiday events. Finger food catering in Auckland is becoming more and more popular, due mainly to the great price and enhanced flexibility with menu choices compared to other event catering options. It is particularly ideal when planning an event that involves a large group of people, as it is often a good way to provide for and satisfy all your guests. What’s more, finger foods are easy to eat, look fantastic and generally create a fancier yet relaxing atmosphere, where your guests can mingle, interact and enjoy their evening.

If you’re looking for a good Auckland finger food catering provider, then look no further than Let’s Eat. This affordable Auckland catering service provider offers quality finger food packages that come with everything you need to make catering for your party a breeze. Their finger food menu ranges from simple to gourmet and everything is handmade in-house, using fresh, local produce.

Let’s Eat supplies finger food in Auckland to all parts of the city as well as surrounding regional areas so check out their website at


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