Top Tips to Manage Your Next Work Function


A well-planned work event will leave everyone feeling happier, more cohesive and more motivated. As the one responsible for making the day a success, you need to have the right knowledge and skills. Here are a few handy tips on how to handle everything from planning to catering and invitations.

1. Work within a budget

Right from the onset, establish a budget that you will work within. This ensures that all ideas and plans for the work function are grounded in financial reality. It would be a big waste of time to make grand plans only to have to scrap them later because they are too expensive.

Even before you decide what kind of event you want to hold or who to invite, get to know the budget you will be working with. It will guide you in planning all other aspects of the function such as venue, food and entertainment.

2. Have a comprehensive plan well ahead of time

Approach the event like it is a project. Create a comprehensive project plan ahead of time, outlining the objectives of the event, the venue, attendees, program line-up and so on. Do not come up with this plan on your own; get the input of everyone involved in the event from the top management to fellow colleagues.

With this plan in place, you can then execute each stage of the event from the preparation to the actual event and after. Most importantly, everyone involved will be on the same page about what is expected and the role they have to play. There is nothing worse than when different people come up with their own mini-plans that clash with others.

3. Be extra careful about the catering

Catering details will matter a lot at the venue on the day of the event. If you are holding it in a hotel, they most likely provide their own catering services. But if they don’t, or if your venue is elsewhere, make sure you make catering plans early enough.

Start by looking for companies that provide event catering in Auckland. Some even specialise in commercial or corporate catering for the Auckland region. Specify what type of foods and drinks you want and the amount. Through the preparation stage and the event itself, stay in constant communication with the caterers to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

4. Choose the right venue

Another thing to arrange early is the venue. Give yourself at least two months to start looking for the perfect venue. The right place to hold the function will depend on the type of event (Christmas party, motivational outing, executive meeting or investor conference) and the number of attendees. Compare amongst several places whilst not forgetting to check things like parking and noise from nearby traffic.

Best Lunch Caterers Auckland 

If you are looking for the best caterers for your next work function, look no further than Let’s Eat Catering based in Auckland. The family-run company provides top-class catering for a variety of events including corporate functions. Visit their website at to make an enquiry and check out their full range of services.


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