Fun Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday


Turning 21? So, finally, the awesome day of your life has come when you are officially entering into your adulthood. No more law restrictions. Now you can truly adventure the other side of the life you have been waiting for all these years. But this is the most special day of your life and you must celebrate it uniquely. Let the world know you have turned 21.

Check out these amazing and fun ways to celebrate your 21st birthday.

Now when your ID says 21, go flaunt it triumphantly! Especially under the noses of every bouncer you see. Visit several bars one by one. When you are tired of one bar go to another. Keep screaming it’s your 21st birthday. Your top notch excitement may even get you some free drinks.

Theme Party:
Theme parties are always fun. You can pick up a theme according to your predilection. Transform your place according to your theme or you can also book some nice place. From horror to your favorite cartoon characters, there are numerous options to choose.

Birthday Dinner:
A grand and delicious dinner with some of your most loved friends and family members is a nice idea. This is your special day and they are your special ones. The combination of all the special things will really rock your birthday with fun and warm wishes.

Hotel Party:
This idea is for you if you don’t want to spend your entire day planning and arranging the party stuff. You can pick a lavish hotel, your close friends, and some party games. Spend a night in the luxury of a hotel playing and even trying some legally bought liquor. Oh-so-legal burn!

Take 21 Exceptional Photos:
From 12:01, when you are fresh 21 to the next day until your birthday ends, capture some funny and one-of-their-kinds photographs of yourself. Pick the best, the funniest and the weirdest 21 photographs of you and get them developed. Put these 21 unforgettable moments on your wall!

A Trip to Beach/Mountains:
Going to the beach or to the mountains for camping can be an unusual and fun idea to celebrate your birthday. This will also include an outstanding road trip to your destination. You can either spend your day doing some fun around the beach or a night by the bonfire.

House Party:
Food! Liquor! And a DJ! This is all you need to throw a remarkable house party. Now when you are legal to consume liquor, serve all the drinks you have thought of trying ever. Call up a bunch of your friends for unlimited fun and dance to all your favorite tunes. But don’t forget to offer them a night stay as they might not be able to drive back home.

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